• We are the Clear Choice for your Windows and Doors!

  • We are the Clear Choice for your Windows and Doors!

  • We are the Clear Choice for your Windows and Doors!

Style & Quality For Over 30 Years

Centrally located in Guelph, Ontario, Clear Choice Window & Door Systems has been manufacturing and installing quality replacement doors and windows for over 30 years.

Door Systems That Last!

Whether you are replacing a builder quality door or a tired door system, Clear Choice will help you pick a style that will become the focal point of your house and save you energy. We manufacture our own door systems onsite. This not only gives you a unique door aesthetically, but our custom installation prevents error.

Custom Windows & Doors

Specializing in custom windows, Clear Choice has built a reputation for creating timeless, unique window and door systems. So whether you wish to add visual interest to your home, or are looking to improve energy efficiency, Clear Choice will provide you and your home with practical elegance.

We want to ensure you are happy with your windows and doors and will first inspect your home and consult with you regarding your options. From there, we will develop an accurate quote and begin the installation process. 

Windows For Life

Original builder quality windows were built for price. Windows from Clear Choice are built to last. Custom designed and built to add beauty and energy efficiency to your home.

Contact Us

To find out more about Clear View, or schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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Phone: 519-767-2831 | Fax: 519-767-2174 | Email: clearchoiceguelph@gmail.com