Weighing the pros and cons of replacing old windows

Window Installation

Replacing your home’s old windows can be a big investment and Clear Choice Window and Door Systems in Guelph has some good advice for helping homeowners decide if they should replace or restore their windows.

Clear Choice has been manufacturing and installing quality replacement doors and windows for over 30 years. Their windows are built to last with custom designs that can add beauty and energy efficiency to your home which can result in energy savings and added value that will help offset the costs of replacing your old windows. Clear Choice offers some guidelines to help you decide whether it’s time to invest in new windows.

Poor Performance

If there are leaks around the windows and they are becoming increasingly difficult to open or close it may be time to consider a replacement. Sometimes fogging is beginning to occur in between the window panes or you may not even be able to open them because they have been painted over. This can effect air quality and cause some safety concerns if you ever needed to open the window in an emergency.


Older windows add to the charm of century homes but chipping paint and rotting wood require a lot of upkeep and repairs. In many cases new windows can be custom designed to look like older windows but require a lot less maintenance and offer higher energy ratings.


Maybe you have done some other upgrades to your home and the old windows look outdated or show a lot of wear and tear. There is a big difference in restoring old windows that are an important element of the home’s overall appearance and are irreplaceable but in most cases updating to new windows can add to the curb appeal of your home as well as offer cost savings and added comfort and convenience.

Visit Clear Choice Window and Door Systems at their website and contact their experts to help decide if it is time for you to replace older windows in your home.

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